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The teenage years aren't easy, so we're here to partner with you through them all.

Letter from Pastor Jaron

Hi Parents!
When I started at Mariners in November 2019 I had no idea (like you) what was in store with the Covid-quarantine and all that would follow. While we haven’t had many opportunities for face-to-face interaction, I have been praying daily for the teenagers and families of ALIVE Youth. In addition to prayer, we have been busy creating, planning and dreaming about what the future of ALIVE Youth looks like. We’ve been strengthening our staff, searching for volunteers, and building the foundation for an incredible youth ministry.  One of my long-term goals is to come alongside you as a mom/dad and help you be a spiritual influence in the life of your child. I want to support you in your very difficult and vital role as a parent. In the coming months you’ll be able to find some helpful resources on this page as well as an archive of all the parent information so you’ll have instant access to what we’ve been communicating. If you’re the social media type, please follow us on Instagram (@heyaliveyouth) and subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you’ll be even more informed of what’s happening.

Many blessings,
Jaron Humiston
Student Pastor

PS: If you know anyone who would be a good influence in the life of a teenager, please send them here. We’re not looking for perfect volunteers, we’re looking for caring adults who love and follow Jesus and like teenagers.

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