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Love God? Like teenagers?

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

Develop students
who influence culture...

Where can I serve?

You don’t have to be young and extroverted to work with teenagers. Teens aren’t looking for cool adults to hang out with… they’re drawn to people who care. Ministry is not about personality type! We have all kinds of students so we need all kinds of leaders.

Tribe Leader

Tribe Leaders are what we call our small group leaders. Each week after the message we break into Tribe Groups. The Tribe Leader is responsible for creating an environment in their group where students feel safe to come as they are, ask questions and build relationships - all while pointing them towards Jesus!

Host Team

Our Host Team helps create a comfortable environment for our students, making a point to personally greet and welcome each of them. In addition, our team gets returning students checked-in, helps new students get registered and strives to do anything to make each night special enough for students to want to return.

Resource Team

Assist the with behind the scenes projects, data entry, and preparing events on an as-needed basis. They also help with set-up/clean-up, checking students in, serving food, facilitating community, and much more!

Online Team

Our online team serves our online youth community by helping produce regular online content. We are looking for people with skills in photography, videography, production, graphic design, marketing, or broadcasting. Whether you're a pro or just interested in one of these areas, we want you!


FILO stands for First In Last Out. This new team was created to as an extension of our Resource Team, specifically helping out on Wednesday Nights wherever needed. This team is great for those who can't commit week to week but still want to be a part of something bigger than themselves!

Something More

Have a gifting or talent that doesn't fit one of the other teams? Thats ok! We want to help you use what God has given you to serve our teens!

Join our team

Our mission is only made possible through the relationships that are built between students and godly, caring adults. We are looking for people who love and follow Jesus and like teenagers (you don’t have to love them, liking them for now is fine. We just don’t want you to dislike them 😀). You don’t have to be a Bible expert or experienced in ministry… we will train you!

Find out more (no strings attached!)